How Confident Are You?

Is your self-esteem sky high, mucking about in the basement, or somewhere in between?

Take this short quiz to find out.

Hint: you’ll get a more accurate result if you answer the questions the way you really feel, not the way you think you “should” be!

1.) I think most people

  1. Like me, they really like me!
  2. Like me, don’t like me – it’s their business, not mine
  3. Don’t know the REAL me
  4. Act like they’re allergic to me

2.) When I take on a challenging task, I think

  1. I’ve got this!
  2. I’ll learn what I need to get it done
  3. Maybe no one will notice my mistakes if I use a lot of glitter
  4. Deer.  Headlights.  I’m gonna screw it up

3.) I find failure

  1. A normal part of the path to success.  Fail upward!
  2. Neither good nor bad; either way, it’s a learning opportunity
  3. Like a tree falling in a forest:  maybe if no one sees it, it won’t make a sound
  4. Devastating; I’m taking my ball and going home!

4.) At a party, I would rather

  1. Put myself out there; I have great mingling mojo!
  2. Listen and engage only with those who interest me
  3. Hope to God no one notices I’m not talking and inhaling all the shrimp
  4. Hide in the bathroom

5.) When someone compliments me, I

  1. Thank them – I rock!
  2. Compliment them immediately in return
  3. Downplay the compliment:  “I got this old thing on sale at a Goodwill store.”
  4. Don’t believe it for a second; what do they WANT from me?

6.) When there’s something I want, I

  1. Make a plan and go after it
  2. Make a plan and dream about it
  3. Make a plan and dismiss it
  4. Give up – I can’t have nice things

7.)  I want everyone to

  1. Respect me
  2. Like me
  3. Fear me
  4. Ignore me

8.)  I believe that

  1. Life is good
  2. I can take steps to tweak my life until it’s how I want to live
  3. I am a victim of circumstance
  4. Life sucks


Give yourself 10 points for every A answer, 8 points for every B answer, 5 points for every C answer, and 3 points for every D answer.

If you scored:

70-80: You rock, and, perhaps even roll! You believe in yourself and are not dependent on others to boost your self-worth.

50-69: You’re in a decent place, but you might have some areas where you feel a little wobbly and judge-y about yourself. Time to question your stories about who you are and how you show up.

35-49: You know that low confidence is unattractive, so you beat yourself up for the times when you don’t believe in yourself. Hey there! Be gentle with you! Is this how you’d talk about a good friend?

24-48: Hugs! No one is as unworthy as you believe yourself to be! Time to get to the bottom of why you sell yourself short, and learn to love yourself as much as you likely love those around you!