Coach Mentoring

Need Mentoring?

Do you feel like you know what you’re doing? When I started out as a coach in 2007, I sure didn’t.

Consider: marriage and family therapists put in 3000 closely supervised hours in order to be eligible for licensing. 3000 hours!  I, on the other hand, was flying by the seat of my pants from the moment I was certified. Where, I wondered, was the bridge between my training and my actually coaching clients?

When I first began coaching, I was so deeply freaked out that I did all sorts of crazy things to mitigate my self-perceived incompetence. For example, I would email my clients after our live session, offering additional insights and revelations that didn’t occur to me during our session. It wasn’t necessary—in fact, it was overwhelming and over-delivering. And the end result was that I felt drained, depleted and not at all sure I was really enjoying this coaching thing.

Can you relate to this?

Luckily, I found a mentor who not only coached me, but coached my coaching. It was a killer combination. Getting coached on my personal issues but also getting the developmental supervision I was so desperate for. And it really paid off. What I achieved in three months time was amazing and a critical ingredient in my development as a coach. And a huge added benefit was being able to listen back on those sessions as an additional training resource. I could actually listen to my coach coach me which gave me a sense of what a “real” session sounds like and how it unfolds. That’s simply something you don’t get from a training program.

Do yourself a favor and hire a mentor – for as long as you can or feels comfortable.

It’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Without my coach, I’d still be crawled up under my desk frozen in fear. Think of all the people who are waiting for you to serve them…but first, serve yourself, you deserve it.

“I am so glad that Jackie gave me direct and specific feedback on my coaching. It gave me concrete information about areas of strength and areas that could use improvement. I started feeling less like a cadet and more like an actual coach.” -Lisa L.

I currently offer four programs exclusively for coaches:

Supercharged Coaching: A Powerful Mentoring Program

Five months + Eight Sessions + Two 30-minute coaching session critiques + One MBTI Session + Three of my best products = A Supercharged Coach Mentoring Experience! Throw in a weekly email support from me, and honestly? You cannot go wrong…
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Square One Deep Dive for Martha Beck Coaches

This six week, six-person group coaching and mastery program is where you get mentored in a group environment and practice the “Square 1” tools in a deliberate and powerful way. You’ll gain skills and confidence.
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The Coaching Den

The Coaching Den is a membership program specifically designed for coaches who are looking for confidence building, support, coaching, expert guidance, and practical, topic-specific advice on the best way to building a thriving coaching practice.
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“From Self-Doubt to Self-Confident Coach” – Coaching Review

As an instructor & mentor for coaches, Jackie can help you become a more confident coach. Imagine feeling stronger, more competent, and more motivated. You’ll bring a renewed sense of purpose and passion to your coaching as you apply the developmental feedback while helping more clients.
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“Jackie is a significant and instrumental part of me not only becoming a Master Certified Life Coach, but of me being a truly competent and confident coach overall. She is the first person who cut through the crap of my self-defeating thinking and propensity for apologizing for my gifts and told me, straight up, that I had the potential to be a powerful coach. And then she told me exactly how to get there. With a kind, loving—yet firm and no-nonsense—approach, Jackie was honest about my coaching gifts while also mentoring me on how to improve them. She provided feedback in a way that really made me open up and want to hear more. And as her student, her own dexterity and finesse in going from explaining a coaching concept to helping me apply that concept during a session really helped me improve my own coaching so much more quickly than if I had just tried to do it on my own. I am far more direct and confident in my coaching as a direct result of Jackie’s guidance and compassion.  And for that, I am forever grateful to her. Thank you, Jackie, for believing in me, supporting me, and cutting through my crappy stories to reveal a far more happy and capable—and ultimately more confident—coach!” ~Jessica Steward, Master Certified Life Coach