I’m Jackie Gartman — Martha Beck-certified Master Coach, eternal optimist, irrepressible sharp-shooter and iPad fanatic.

I’m an instructor & mentor for newly minted coaches who want to stop blocking their own greatness — so they can start helping clients — and a life coach for women who are ready to illuminate their self-limiting thoughts, and dissolve them for good.

If you’ve got a dream sitting on the back-burner of your mind, I want to hear about it. And soon.

“Jackie Gartman is a power coach with a paradoxically gentle touch. You won’t find anyone more supportive and sympathetic, but she’s also direct, incisive, and quick. The result of this combination, to use a humble analogy, is that Jackie fixes lives like Roto-Rooter fixes drains–she’ll take you straight to whatever’s blocking your right life, help you scour out the problem, and get your energy flowing freely in the right direction. You’ll enjoy her candor, her kindness, and her ability to get quick results. Enjoy!”
~Dr. Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author and monthly columnist at O: The Oprah Magazine